Game Of Thrones Creates The Biggest, Bloodiest, Most Expensive Episode Ever Made — See All The Shocking Moments HERE!

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There’s no doubt Game Of Thrones REALLY knows how to make some big television, but Sunday night’s installment was not only one of the most expensive episodes the show has ever done — it was one of the best!

Though we knew we were in for a treat thanks to all the AH-Mazing promos, the ninth episode of GoT appropriately titled Battle of the Bastards saw Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow face off against Iwan Rheon‘s vicious Ramsay Bolton — and it was EPIC!

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Though we don’t know exactly how much the ep cost, the average budget for each episode this season was around $10 million, up from $6 mil in previous seasons, and producers have admitted much of this season’s extra money went into this one hour.

Seeing as how the production featured 600 crew members, 500 extras, 70 horses, 25 stuntmen and women, 25 shooting days, 4 camera crews, and a partridge and a pear tree, we’re guessing it goes down as THE most expensive episode of television EVER!

So what did all that money pay for? One HELLUVA story that delivered some brutal and shocking moments!

Ch-ch-check out the seven CRAZIEST moments from last night’s Thrones (below)!

Dragons > Everything else

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Before the bastards got their war on, Daenerys had to show off how BADASS she is by defending Meereen from slavers and the Sons of the Harpy. While the slavers may have thought they could overpower the Mother of Dragons with their massive fleet of ships, the silvery blonde beauty does have… you know, dragons. The queen once again took off riding Drogon as her little babies showed off their power by easily DESTROYING a ship!

It wasn’t too hard to get the Masters to surrender after that…

Davos Discovers The Secret In The Ashes

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Oye! We already knew that Shireen was sacrificed and burned at the stake at the end of last season, but everyone’s favorite Onion Knight, Davos Seaworth, JUST FOUND OUT! Before the big battle between Ramsay and Jon, the elderly knight decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately, where he ended up was the site where his little BFF and reading tutor was killed! And because Thrones is cruel and full of terrors, Davos of course found the small stag he had given the girl among some ashes. TEARS!

Rickon Doesn’t Know How To Zig-Zag

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Unfortunately, Rickon met his end on Sunday night as he had previously been captured by Ramsay. Of course we knew our vile sicko was probably going to kill the young Stark — who had the best claim to Winterfell — but he did so in the MOST heartbreaking way! The villain let Rickon go on the battlefield to run to his half brother while Jon charged toward him on horseback. But Ramsay shot arrows at the Stark heir the whole time and struck him right before Snow could save him!

Rickon, two words: “Evasive maneuvers”! LOLz! Um, we mean, tears and all, but srsly…

Jon Snow Always Knew It Would End This Way

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After losing his lil bro, Jon gets angry and foolhardy, riding right after Ramsay.

And when his horse is struck by arrows, he realizes he’s all alone on the middle of the battlefield as Bolton’s army is charging toward him. The former Night’s Watch commander seems to accept his fate by drawing his sword and getting ready to take on the ENTIRE army by himself! Fortunately for our favorite Wildling loving bastard, his army came swooping in at the PERFECT time to save him — or at least let Jon live long enough to have more death experiences!


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Daenerys might have dragons, but did you see the “I will murder Ramsay” look in Sophie Turner‘s eye in almost EVERY scene?! After meeting up with her former husband to talk battle alongside her half brother Jon, Sansa proclaimed right then and there that Ramsay would die the next day.

After letting Snow sweat it out a bit and almost die WAY too many times, the fierce Stark showed up next to Littlefinger with the knights of the Vale that she had inquired about via secret raven! The new soldiers were enough to turn the tide and send Ramsay running for the hills!

A GIANT Death For Wun Wun

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This death hurt us more than we thought it would! After winning the battle thanks to Sansa and Littlefinger showing up with their army at the last second, Wun Wun the giant set his sights on Winterfell to bust down the gate! Sadly, Ramsay was waiting with a bow and arrow to finish off the big guy just as he shared a tender moment with Snow. Sure, the big old lug was the strong but silent type, but he always seemed to have Snow’s back!

Face eating satisfaction

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Talk about one of the most satisfying deaths EVER! Ramsay FINALLY met his demise after having his army defeated and being beaten to a bloody pulp by Jon!

Though Snow almost finished him off, the honorable soldier allowed his sister to get the last word as she fed Ramsay to his own dogs as he was tied up! The the villainous character didn’t really think that his pups would turn on him, but Sansa was on a mission and with that look in her eye, we think she can accomplish just about anything!

What did you think of this week’s episode?!

Don’t forget to tune in next Sunday for the GoT season finale when it airs at 9 p.m. EST on HBO — and remember to feed your dogs too!

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Jun 20, 2016 10:37am PDT

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