Prince Fans Rejoice! A Ton Of Unheard Music Is About To Be Released — There Might Even Be A Musical!

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While it’s sad that Prince is gone, it’s comforting to know that we’ll always have his music.

We may even have MORE of his music!

According to lawyers involved with the late singer’s entertainment assets, they’ve developed a plan to release A TON of unheard music sooner than later. Apparently the icon has “vaults full” of precious melodies and tracks to last DECADES.

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Per the New York Post, the Minnesota native’s longtime lawyer and manager L. Londell McMillan will work with Charles Koppelman to ensure the music sees the light of day. In fact, the two think a MUSICAL might be possible!

Koppelman gushed over the exciting development:

“We’re going to be having a good time. There is so much to be done with this estate. There are vaults full of music.”

We can’t say we’re surprised! The 57-year-old was one of the most inspired musicians of all time, and we’ve heard about his infamous unreleased volumes before.

As for what the potential music may look like, they made note of juke-box style Broadway musicals like Michael Jackson‘s Michael Jackson: One or the Beatles LOVE spectacular.

The Prince confidante went on to add:

“Prince was an icon on the level of The Beatles and Michael Jackson, and his legacy should be honored. Though his name was Prince, I always thought he was the king of music.”

Well, we don’t think fans will argue with that! We hope these plans take off ASAP!

So, do YOU think Prince’s legacy should be honored with a musical?

Jun 20, 2016 1:42pm PDT

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