Was Britney Spears’ New Single Pushed Back Because Label Execs Didn’t Like Her Voice?!

Are Brit's vocals sub-par?!


Last month, we were crushed when we learned that Britney Spears‘ new song Make Me (Oooh) was delayed due to “technical production difficulties.”

But a new report is saying those production difficulties aren’t technical at all.

Photo: Britney Teases Her Sexy New Music Video!

Instead, The Sun is saying that the pop princess’ upcoming collab with G-Eazy was actually pushed back because record execs thought her vocals were bad!

An insider told the UK tabloid:

“The single has been a nightmare for everybody involved. When it came down to the final version of the track, the label just didn’t like her voice and the producers were struggling to make it work with the recordings they had.”


That’s some rough criticism to throw at such an acclaimed artist, but we’re gonna go ahead and take this new info with a grain of salt.

After all, Brit’s not exactly renowned for her impressive pipes. She’s a timeless ENTERTAINER, who also happens to have a habit of lip synching from time to time.

So, we don’t really understand why disappointment in her vocals would be an excuse to push back her comeback song.

But, the source says that the big wigs at the fierce female’s label have been desperate to get the blonde beauty’s track beefed up, adding:

“They’ve tried to find someone to add some guest vocals to strengthen the track instead of finding time in Britney’s schedule to re-record – but they’ve really struggled. It’s been very stressful, the track should have been out a long time ago now.”

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Jun 21, 2016 2:35pm PDT

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