OMG, Miranda Sings Is On The Cover Of Variety!

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This may not seem that big to you at home, but this is HUGE news for the future of entertainment!

People say that print media is a dying medium all the time, but Variety is doing everything in their power to stay relevant in today’s world of social media stardom.

Case in point: the Hollywood trade magazine just put Miranda Sings on the cover of their June issue!!!

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The YouTube star is only going to get bigger now that she has a scripted comedy coming to Netflix this Fall, so Variety decided to jump on the new school bandwagon and put Colleen Ballinger front and center.

Miranda will be just one of thousands of attendees at this year’s VidCon, so she sat down with the mag to chat about what it’s like being an Internet celeb amongst traditional celebrities, saying:

“It’s been hard being on the internet and not being respected by people in Hollywood. A lot of people think most YouTubers are just untalented kids who film themselves for four minutes, and that’s all they do for their week. I really hope this opens doors for other YouTubers.”

We believe in you, Miranda!

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And so do millions of other Mirfandas — 6.5 million YouTube subscribers, 4.4 million on Instagram, and 2.3 million Twitter followers — but what made her get into vlogging in the first place??

“I decided to try to ride the wave. I thought, ‘How can I make this into something?’ I really tried to take advantage of my 15 minutes of fame. And I’ve gotten lucky — those 15 minutes have become several years.”

We cannot wait to see where you go next, Miranda!

Haters. Back. Off.

[Image via Art Streiber/Variety.]

Jun 21, 2016 6:56pm PDT

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