Watch This Congressional Candidate Try To Explain Why His ‘Make America White Again’ Sign Is Definitely NOT Racist…

This is insane.

This guy. Wow.

Rick Tyler is coming under fire — as he should be — for posting campaign signs that say “Make America White Again.”

Naturally, people are pissed that the candidate for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat would proudly display such a racist billboard during his campaign.

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However, the independent politician is actually trying to argue that he didn’t intend for the poster to be racist.

Um, excuse us?!

The sign LITERALLY says “Make America White Again.” What about that ISN’T racist?!

Well, Rick told WRCB-TV:

“I’m a believer in truth, regardless of how controversial it might be. And I understand in the America that we live in today, that people have been conditioned like the Pavlovian dog of the textbooks to react emotionally to certain things, and often in an uncontrolled, frenzied fashion, unfortunately.”

Well, we don’t think it’s “unfortunate” at all for people to “react emotionally” when certain individuals blatantly preach discrimination.

But if you thought that was bad, just wait. Mr. Tyler continued:

“When I designed the ‘Make America White Again’ billboard, it was specifically to engender in people’s minds a thought process that would take them back to, let’s say, the 1960s. I call it the Leave It To Beaver, [The Adventures of] Ozzie and Harriet, Mayberry America. I and many, many, many, many, many, many others believe that was a better America.”

Wait. Can someone explain to us how wanting to return to a decade where racial segregation was very much alive and well is NOT racist?!

He’s literally just listing TV shows with no minority cast members.

What’s worse, he continued to defend his sign by saying the high number of violent crimes that have arisen in the decades since what he describes as “Norman Rockwell America,” appear to be related to the growing percentage of “non-white” Americans.

But Rick said he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards “people of color.”

We honestly can’t roll our eyes enough right now. Watch his INSANE explanation (below):

[Image via @justin_me_me_/Twitter.]

Jun 22, 2016 6:13pm PDT

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