Hillary Clinton Narrows VP Shortlist As The Presidential Hopeful Is Reportedly Vetting THREE Potential Picks!

hillary clinton vp shortlist

Does Hillary Clinton already have a vice presidential candidate in mind?

On Tuesday, reports stated the Presidential hopeful’s camp is currently in the final vetting stages of picking a running mate and that they may announce their decision within the next month. How exciting!

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Reportedly, the short list includes Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, and Texas Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro. Those are three VERY different choices!

Obviously all three potential candidates bring different qualifications that would help enhance the former Secretary of State’s campaign. Miz Warren is a favorite as the MA politician is a staunch anti-Donald Trump spokesperson. Although, as Kaine comes from a swing state his name on the ticket may be more valuable in the long run. Still, Castro is a promising choice as he’s said to be an up-and-coming Democratic politician in a pretty conservative state.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, Clinton is simply looking for someone who could take over as president if something happened to her. Oh, and Clinton’s team would love if her running mate was someone she could work well with and be an energizing force in their party. NBD, right?

Hillary’s three potential picks will also have their positions, finances, and backgrounds extensively checked for the vetting process. Whoa.

Regardless, Clinton’s camp is staying relatively tight lipped about their upcoming choice as one senior staffer stated:

“Those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk.”

We can’t wait to find out who makes the final cut!

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Jun 22, 2016 8:52am PDT

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