Female Karate Instructor Arrested For Sending Nudes To 11-Year-Old Student — But Wait Until You See The Kid’s Rejection Message!

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Some adults are just sick. Thankfully at least one child made sure he wasn’t a victim.

Orlando karate instructor Stephannie Figueroa was arrested last week on charges of attempted lewd or lascivious conduct, solicitation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, showing a minor obscene material, and child abuse after apparently attempted to begin a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old boy in her class.

The student’s mother opened the Kik messaging app on his phone and was horrified to find several lewd messages sent by the martial arts teacher.

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The pre-teen then told his mother the 21-year-old woman had also sent him about 15 nude photos which were already deleted and had been flirting with him for awhile. Gross.

There was a series of messages in which Figueroa invited the boy to her birthday party, in which she flatly stated, “I want to have sex with you.”

Here’s where the story gets kind of great — the boy sent back a message rejecting the 21-year-old, saying simply:


Wow. That was some text judo. Way to look out for yourself, kid!

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Of course, if an adult approaches a child in such a way, it’s important they tell their parents or an authority figure right away. But it seems like the kid is going to be just fine. Thank goodness!

As for Figueroa, she’s currently being held in the Orange County jail.

Unfortunately, police believe there’s a good chance she preyed on other students in the past. And it’s possible they weren’t all as lucky as this one.


[Image via Orlando Police Department.]

Jun 22, 2016 11:44am PDT

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