Martha Stewart Is Having The Best Time Of Her F*cking Life Live-Tweeting Cannes Lions & Shading Jonathan Cheban — We Seriously Can’t!

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Martha Stewart, we officially bow down to your Twitter prowess.

On Wednesday, Martha took to the Twitterverse to live-tweet her AMAZING experience at Cannes Lions. The annual event celebrates people working in the creative communications, advertising and related fields.

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While you think this meet-up at the DailyMail Seriously Popular Yacht party would all be about business and networking, M.S. just proved this is NOT the case.

In fact, the mogul’s recent tweets features a SHIRTLESS Jason Derulo (hey, why not?!), and f*cking Jonathan Cheban!

Ladies and gentleman, this is NOT a drill! We repeat — this is NOT a drill!

Since there’s a lot to dissect here, let’s start of with Stewart’s confusion over who exactly Jonathan is.

For all of those who are familiar with the Kim Kardashian West‘s official BFF/piss handler, you’ll DIE over the homemaker’s epic shade regarding his “celebrity status”. Essentially, Martha could not care LESS about J.B.’s claim to fame!

Check out Martha’s “tea lizard”-worthy tweets (below)!

One Twitter user summed up our thoughts on these messages perfectly, writing:


As for Kimmy’s bestie, he took the situation in stride, tweeting:

Ha! It’s becoming more and more apparent that the 74-year-old is quite the comedian!

But wait, that’s not all!

For some unknown reason, Jason performed for the crowd and ended up without his shirt by the end of his set:

Well, our weeks have been made.

While the momma has yet to tweet following Derulo “shedding his clothes”, we hope there’s more hilarity to come. Thanks for the laughs, girl!

Jun 22, 2016 5:46pm PDT

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