Prince’s Prot├â┬⌐g├â┬⌐e Opens Up About The Rocker’s Emergency Plane Landing A Week Before His Death Saying ‘He Was Trying’ To Get Better!

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Even though we’re only halfway through the year, we absolutely can’t believe how many celebs we’ve lost already in 2016!

From David Bowie‘s unexpected passing, to Anton Yelchin‘s recent tragedy, the entertainment world sure has been rocked — and one the biggest names to pass was probably Prince.

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Though we now know a TON of info regarding the death, the Purple Rain artist’s prot├â┬⌐g├â┬⌐e Judith Hill recently opened up to the New York Times regarding her relationship with the legendary rocker as well as what went down the night the entertainer’s plane had to make an emergency landing!

When describing her relationship to the When Doves Cry singer, Hill made sure to express her platonic love for the late musician saying:

“There was a very intense relationship. I deeply cared for him. He told me that he loved me and that he would always be there for me.”

If you remember, a week before the talented artist passed away, his private plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois after he fell unconscious. Well, we learned that Prince was taken to Trinity Moline Hospital but now we have a first hand account from Judith who revealed her thoughts and feelings that night saying:

“We knew it was only a matter of time; we knew we had to get down. We didn’t have anything on the plane to help him. I thought he was gone.”

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Once at the hospital, the 32-year-old singer said that her mentor was both alert and talkative and only stayed over night because he was pressured by friends. Hill even said:

“He wasn’t dreary or drowsy or anything. He wanted to watch Zootopia. He loved those films. I was going to pull it up on my phone. He said: ‘No, no, no, not here. We’re going to pick a special time and place to watch that.'”

Sadly, as close as Judith says she was to the I Wanna Be Your Love singer, she had no idea he struggled with prescription painkillers and he never complained about any pain.

The late artist’s devoted follower went on to express how serious she says her idol was about getting help despite downplaying the seriousness of the whole plane incident. In fact, Judith says he wasn’t honest with everyone about the event because:

“…he was concerned, and he wanted to do the right thing for his own body. And that’s the part that breaks my heart, because he was trying. He was trying.”


We STILL can’t believe Prince is actually gone, but if there’s something positive to take away from this, it’s knowing that the incredible singer didn’t give up and was trying to find help, even at the end.

What do you think about Hill’s perspective of the whole incident?!

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Jun 22, 2016 8:32am PDT

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