YouTubers Who Caught Amber Rose Emoji Creator Defend Themselves: ‘He Admitted To Me That He Stole My Camera!’

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Who steals a camera from a YouTuber, of all people?!

In what’s easily the craziest story currently going on in the tech world, the CEO of Moji — the app behind Amber Rose and Steph Curry‘s emojis — was arrested Monday afternoon when he was caught stealing a camera from popular Internet celeb DOSEofFOUSEY (aka Yousef Erakat) and his friends.

As we previously reported, Oliver Camilo was busted after Yousef and fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi tracked him down on-camera at LAX after fellow passengers described his man bun and tattered Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 t-shirt.

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Well, now that the tech talker has had two days to think of an excuse for pocketing their $800 camera, he’s claiming that he’s just the victim of a social media prank gone wrong.

Luckily, Alex and Yousef are quite familiar with the Internet, and have already defended themselves to TMZ on Wednesday, saying:

“I’m so baffled by [this], because it literally makes no sense. This man is the man who walked up and took the camera, and we spent a long time outside looking for the camera and asking flight attendants, well before a little fan of ours ran up to us and said, ‘Hey! A guy with a man bun just stole your camera and I saw him put it in his bag,’ and that’s when we realized, ‘Oh, snap! Somebody has it.

We had no interaction with him before this; we didn’t even know who he was, and then the camera was taken, and then he denied having it. Once the cops came, he turned it over and then he tried to say, ‘Oh… it’s a YouTube experiment.’

Also, he admitted to me that he stole my camera — he commented in my Instagram, saying ‘Hey, sorry I stole your camera, can we put this immature act behind us? I’m willing to do business with you as my apology.”

Well if he’s willing to steal, bribery shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Still, we’re glad the guys were able to get justice!

Ch-ch-check out DOSEofFOUSEY video to see Oliver get caught red-handed (below)!!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Jun 22, 2016 5:58pm PST

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