Judge Tells Defendant ‘You Look Like A Queer’ & Tells Him To ‘Jack Off Right Now’ In Crazy NSFW Back-And-Forth You Have To Read To Believe!

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This is absolutely insane!!!

Denver Allen is facing murder charges this week after allegedly beating another man to death in a county jail in Georgia last August, and if his court appearance last Friday was any indication… things aren’t going to go well for him.

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The defendant stepped up in front of Floyd County (Ga.) Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham and unleashed an unbelievable line of expletives during a preliminary hearing — but the judge fired right back!!

It starts with the accused telling the judge to go eff himself — but it’s His Honor that really crosses the line.

There’s not even a good way to describe this without getting insanely vulgar — so we’ll just let the court transcripts tell you the whole story of when Mr. Allen didn’t take too kindly to the judge’s orders that he keep his public defendant for the trial!

Ch-ch-check out the vulgar, NSFW insanity (below)!!!

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But it was FAR from over there (below):

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Um, Mr. Allen, maybe that’s not the best course of action towards a judge?! LOLz!!

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But Judge Durham comes back firing (below):

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Oh boy. That’s where His “Honor” crossed a major line.

Frankly, we don’t care if someone is being belligerent. Telling him he “looks like a queer” should be grounds for losing your job.

Allen tries to go over the top in response by threatening Durham’s family, but it doesn’t exactly work (below):

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And then things just completely dissolve from there, with Durham literally challenging Allen to masturbate in court (below):

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Not even sure what to say about this one…

If you want to read the entire transcript — it’s a doozy — click HERE.

[Image via Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.]

Jun 23, 2016 2:22pm PDT

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