Just How Many Alligators Are There At Disney World?? Get The SCARY Truth!

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As a result of Lane Graves being killed by an alligator at Disney World, there has been a huge spike in awareness of the animals at the Orlando, Florida theme park.

Despite authorities saying they killed the animal responsible for the child’s death, the Orlando Sentinel put in a records request to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to find out some stats on the dangerous reptiles in the area.

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SHOCKINGLY, there are A LOT more around the Walt Disney World property than you might believe! According to the report that was released Wednesday by the FWC, there have been over 240 alligators trapped on the theme park’s property in the past 10 years! Not only that, but 15 of them have been caught this year alone!

That’s terrifying knowing that last year, 16 of the wild gators were captured which just about matches the first half of 2016!

The most recent stats for the entire state of Florida are for 2014, in which there were 6,706 alligators captured.

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The conservation commission released a statement regarding the area in which Lane was attacked saying it was “poor alligator habitat that will not support a large population of adult alligators.”

To be fair, Disney does have more than 40 square miles of property including plots of underdeveloped land. However, the information released did NOT include the SIX alligators that have been captured since the toddler’s death.

Thankfully, the park has at least already put up fencing and warning alligator signs around its beach areas.

What do you think should be done about the surprisingly high number of alligators caught in the Disney World area?!

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Jun 24, 2016 2:44pm PDT

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