Some Businessman He Is — Donald Trump Just Lost $50 Million Running His Disaster Of A Campaign!

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Won’t somebody give a handout to poor Donald Trump?!

The GOP presidential candidate is now officially $50 million in the hole after a “personal loan” he made to his own campaign last month is now officially a contribution — meaning he will not see a dime of that money back!

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Back on May 13, The Donald loaned his campaign $50 million with the intention that it wouldn’t be a big deal — just a short-term investment the campaign could pay back quickly.

Well… things didn’t turn out that way. Campaign contribution rules would have required Trump’s campaign to pay that loan back by August, and that’s just not going to happen.

In a press release on Thursday, the real estate mogul’s team dropped a statement painting this whole financial meltdown in the most positive light they could… but it still looks pretty bad (below):

“Donald J. Trump has honored the pledge he made on May 13, 2016, when he stated, ‘I have absolutely no intention of paying myself back for the nearly $50 million dollars I have loaned to the campaign. This money is a contribution made in order to ‘Make America Great Again.’ Mr. Trump has fully extinguished (terminated) this loan per his commitment. Therefore, he has personally invested in excess of $50 million dollars in the future of our country.”

Yeah, sure, that’s one way to look at it….

Another would be that, oh, we don’t know, maybe Trump has awful infrastructure, no sense of campaigning, a terrible team around him, absolutely no support he so desperately needs from the party, and an infant’s understanding of how to run a presidential campaign.


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Of course, Trump’s head is in the sand regarding all of this.

The statement continued:

“Mr. Trump and the campaign have assembled an exceptional fundraising operation, which in recent days has been overwhelmed with contributions for the Republican Party. Mr. Trump will continue to ensure the campaign has all of the resources necessary to defeat Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in November.”


Suuuuuuuuuure you will, Donald.

Sure you will.


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Jun 24, 2016 11:24am PDT

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