EXCLUSIVE! Marie Claire Mexico‘s July Issue Asks Ivanka Trump To Account For Her Father’s Bigoted Values In A Scathing Letter From The Editor!

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This is incredible!!

The July issue of Marie Claire Mexico focuses on Ivanka Trump, putting her on their cover (above) and getting right down to the very heart of things with a pointed request about her father, Donald Trump.

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The issue contains open letters from musician Ely Guerra and journalist Dolia Estevez, but it’s the letter from the editor, Daniela Von Wobeser, that really steals the show.

Coupled with the magazine cover asking Ivanka, “How long will you defend your father?”, Von Wobeser’s letter cuts right down to it with some very specific questions.

Read the entire thing below:

Dear Ivanka,

Probably you, along with many of our readers, are wondering why. First of all, let me tell you something: it has never been my goal to attack, judge or question other women. Furthermore, when talking about polemic and controversial topics, generally I would rather stay neutral with an objective point of view, and if I can’t make that happen, at least to be moderate, and that’s exactly why am I writing you, to address to you in this edition along with other Latin American women that feel the same about our need to appeal for your compassion.

Marie Claire is a title that, throughout history, has used the strength of its pages and of the community of women we belong to, to raise our voice. With this issue, we try to not turn blind eye to the painful speeches against ours, against us women. You probably don’t know, but it was Marcelle Auclair’s courage ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£one of the original Marie Claire France founders-, that lead her to start, along with other 20,000 women’s confessions, a movement asking the Vatican to open up to the conversation regarding contraception. You see? To be quiet is not part of our DNA. I think that, days away from the Republican Party official announcement regarding your father’s nomination, we have found the perfect outlet in you. Just as Estefan├â┬¡a Vela states in our cover story, you represent an “exceptional” woman: well educated, hard worker and successful, and just like she states (giving us material to even think about our own reality as a media outlet and industry), we consider you an ally to achieve a world free of racism. You’ll see Ivanka, if your dad wins the elections (and I say this with fear in my words), you will be the closest thing America will have as a First Lady. I’m sure you have thought about it. We know Melania, your stepmother, hasn’t been an active member on your father’s campaign. If he gets to be the next president of the United States of America, you will most probably be the closest woman to him, just like you have been on the professional side.

Lucky for you, Donald’s narcissism outnumbers its sexism, and by being part of his genes, he might have a different image of you in contrast with the other women of the world, which he thinks they are only worth because of their looks. (Am I wrong? Wasn’t he the one who stated that you are so beautiful that if he wouldn’t be your father he would be dating you?) That’s why we address to you through Marie Claire, looking for a meeting point, even maybe to generate empathy, open the discussion, and appealing to your compassion and objectivity. We need a channel of communication that far from hate, speaks of understanding and, most important, of love. I’d like to ask you from the bottom of my heart if supporting your dad’s strategy is the best thing for you, as woman or the best for your country and, consequently, mine.

Dear Ivanka, do you think your father would be the leader America deserves? Do you think the values your dad promotes are the ones you want to inherit your three children? My mind is full of questions as I read and see things that unfortunately he has done and said and, regardless, it is hard for me to think that you, a privileged and educated woman, tolerates this dangerous ideas, especially being yourself an immigrant’s daughter (although holding a privileged position). Like I stated before, I don’t like to question or attack other women, however, situation gets worrying by the hour. Far from sharing the hatred slogan “Make America great again”, why don’t we work for a really great community of countries, ditching the word again. Because we are all far from being great, but we can finish a way that is half way walked. Finally, dear Ivanka, like our cover story says, what are we going to do regarding racism? I understand no one chooses their parents, but sooner or later we have to understand that being a father does not excludes you from human degradation and, therefore, its in us, their children, to set aside from them when voluntarily chooses that path, or then, be doomed to live the same destiny.

Daniela Von Wobeser


Can’t wait until that hits newsstands on Monday.

And we can’t wait to see if there will be a response.

[Image via Marie Claire.]

Jun 24, 2016 12:35pm PDT

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