Orlando Shooting Caught On Security Cameras — What Officials Are Saying About The Horrifying Footage

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Let’s hope nobody but the proper authorities EVER see this video.

Security cameras at Pulse captured Omar Mateen‘s horrific attack, and according to authorities, they show the mass murderer with an assault rifle perched on his hip firing hundreds of rounds into the crowd.

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On Thursday, an official close to the scene confirmed to media members that the tapes existed, and informed them about the grotesque contents of them, which are exactly what you would expect.

According to officials, the tapes show Mateen firing on dozens of helpless people — many even after they are already hit and have fallen — and walking up to those already on the ground and repeatedly shooting them again to ensure they are dead.

What the tapes don’t show, and what authorities are interested in, is a clear motive. Officials specifically mention that the video does not corroborate witness statements that Mateen was angry after being snubbed by patrons before the attack.

The video also doesn’t show how many times the gunman reloaded.

Obviously, considering the fact that 49 people died and 53 more were wounded, authorities believe Mateen would have had to have reloaded several times. He never fired the 9mm handgun he was carrying with him when he was killed by police.

Clearly, we hope these tapes never see daylight, and are only used for whatever investigative needs authorities may have.

RIP to all those unfortunate, innocent victims.

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Jun 24, 2016 2:11pm PDT

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