Elizabeth Warren Joined Hillary Clinton On The Campaign Trail And Boy, Did She Come Out Firing At Donald Trump! Watch!

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What a big day for the Democrats!

Elizabeth Warren joined Hillary Clinton on stage, hand-in-hand at a major event in Cincinnati today — and the two women went after Donald Trump HARD!

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Warren, who has previously endorsed Clinton and now appears to be putting all of her considerable influence behind the former First Lady in her campaign for President, stood confidently by Hillary and made it clear that, yes, she’s backing Miz Clinton!

Warren opened up her 14-minute speech on Monday with some very strong words that came to thunderous applause:

“I’m here today, because I’m with her. Yes, her.”

But it wasn’t Warren’s talk of Hillary that is turning heads — it’s what the Massachusetts Senator said about The Donald!

Warren called Trump a “nasty man” and said of him:

“Trump will never become president of the United States. Because Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States, because she knows what it takes to beat a thin-skinned bully who is driven by greed and hate.”

The Senator was FAR from done there, though, even going further to blast The Donald’s connections to bankers and Wall Street with a very sarcastic, biting comment about his (lack of) business acumen:

“Donald Trump believes poor, sad, little Wall Street bankers need to be free to defraud anyone they want. Hillary Clinton believes we need strong rules to prevent another financial crisis. Yes, Hillary fights for us. Donald Trump cheats workers and wants to abolish the minimum wage.”

Considering all of The Donald’s business problems lately, though, maybe cheating workers in the past has been the only way he could stay afloat?!

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All those comments are great — and Trump deserves them, for sure — but it’s one particular insult Warren made that is making the rounds and getting special attention on cable TV news and across the internet today: she went after the hat.

That’s right! The Make America Great Again hat came into focus when Sen. Warren took a shot at The Donald’s “goofy” look (below):


She’s right, though…

For her part, Clinton seemed extremely pleased with Warren’s comments, and when it came time for the former Secretary of State to step up to the mic, she delivered a timely comment:

“I do just love to see how she gets under Donald Trump’s thin skin.”

We do, too, Hillary! We do, too!

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Of course The Donald has already responded to Warren’s biting comments, releasing a statement titled “Sellout Warren” that says, in part:

“Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has become a turncoat for the causes she supposedly supports. Warren’s campaigning for Clinton stands in stark contrast to the liberal ideals she once practiced. This sad attempt at pandering to the [Bernie] Sanders wing is another example of a typical political calculation by D.C. insiders.”

The Donald must have known this was coming. He was tweeting preemptive strikes early (below):

Awww! Poor Donald!! Maybe he needs a blankie!!

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So why does this matter? (Besides being a HIGHlarious way to see Trump have a tantrum, that is?) Well, increasing speculation holds that Clinton may name Warren her pick for Vice President!

But for her part, Clinton was NOT having it on Monday. An NPR reporter questioned Clinton about it after the event, and got this response (below):

So much for that! …For now, at least.

Ch-ch-check out Warren’s full speech at today’s event (below):

And for good measure, here’s Hillary’s entire speech afterwards (below):

What a day on the campaign trail.

We’re with her!!!

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Jun 27, 2016 6:09pm PDT

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