8 Children Hospitalized After Horrifying Roller Coaster Crash

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This is so terrible!!

Eight children and two more adults were seriously injured after a roller coaster derailed at an amusement park in Scotland, crashing to the ground and leaving park goers horrified and shaken.

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The incident occurred Sunday afternoon at M&D’s, eventually leading to the evacuation of the park, after the Tsunami roller coaster — the park’s fastest ride — derailed and crashed to the ground, leaving riders trapped upside down in the ride.

Miraculously no fatalities have yet been reported.

Police say that of the ten injuries, nine of those people were actual riders, with one more being injured on the ground when the roller coaster crashed.

Chief Inspector David Bruce with Police Scotland told the media:

“On arrival it became clear a series of five gondolas connected on a train on the Tsunami ride have detached from the rails, struck the superstructure and then struck the ground. [The gondolas] fell less than 20 feet. It would appear that they have been coming round a bend and at that point it has detached. It’s an inverted rollercoaster which means that the riders hang in gondolas below the rails rather than sit above them.”

Witnesses around the park were obviously incredibly shaken by the event, with many coming forward to talk to the BBC, like 13-year-old Caitlyn Barnes, who saw the whole thing happen from the ground:

“I heard first of all a loud bang. At first I thought it was part of the ride because it had been a very loud ride the whole day. But when I turned around to look at it I saw the carriage just hurtling to the ground and then it crashed on top of another ride. I could see that there was lots of people trapped – probably up to 10 – and I saw a girl upside down, stuck. A lot of people in the park ran over and tried to help and there was loads of people just running about trying to tell people to call ambulances and call emergency services.”

She continued, noting the aftermath of the carnage yesterday afternoon:

“When the emergency services got here they were just shouting at us all to leave the park and they evacuated the whole park and cordoned off around the carriage. I saw one boy who was probably about 11, I would have said, who got out and he was sitting just next to it – shocked obviously – with his parents. Everybody was shocked and upset and a lot of them were crying with shock.”


So sad, sudden, and scary.

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Other witnesses got pictures of the crash’s aftermath, like this one (below):


Area politicians are already calling for a full investigation into the incident, so no doubt we’ll have some answers soon.

But in the meantime, our thoughts are with all those in the hospital recovering — let’s hope everyone gets to go home safe.

[Image via Demi Campbell/Twitter.]

Jun 27, 2016 11:12am PST

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