Ryan Lochte Won’t Be Able To Defend 1 Of His Gold Medals At The 2016 Summer Olympics… And It’s All His Crotch’s Fault!

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This can’t be true!

Ryan Lochte was without a doubt one of the biggest characters from the 2012 Summer Olympics… but we’re sad to say he won’t be defending his gold medal in at least one of his events in Rio de Janeiro this year.

That’s because the 31-year-old swimmer failed to qualify for the 400-meter individual medley on Sunday, and it’s all because of his crotch!

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Apparently, the What Would Ryan Lochte Do? star had pulled his groin during a prelim swim at the Omaha qualifiers, but his coach David Marsh urged him to participate in the 400-meter individual medley final, saying:

“He’s done this before, where he strains his groin at times. The hope is that because he swam so well this morning — basically light, his lactates recovered really quick — that he’d be able to power through this and still get at least second place.”

Unfortunately for Ryan, that was clearly not the case… as his injury allowed both Chase Kalisz, 22, and Jay Litherland, 20, to pass him during the breaststroke.

However, Ryan did take a break from being his normal, goofy self to address his loss, saying:

“I did everything I could in that race. It just wasn’t enough.”

Thankfully, Ryan excels at pretty much every aspect of the sport, so we’ll definitely be seeing him in Rio in one of his other events.

Plus, we can’t wait to cheer on Chase and Jay this Summer!

[Image via Ryan Locthe/Instagram.]

Jun 27, 2016 1:02pm PST

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