Blake Lively’s Trainer Reveals The Actress’ Major Diet Overhaul

Blake Lively has a new diet plan.

Blake Lively may be pregnant but she’s keeping an eye on her diet.

With help from husband Ryan Reynolds‘ trainer Don Saladino, the blonde beauty has overhauled her entire way of eating.

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However, she is not restricting herself, according to her trainer:

“I don’t think putting someone into a caloric deficit, meaning restricting their calories, is the right thing to do. This is why a lot of coaches and a lot of people are unsuccessful.”

On a typical morning, Blake will eat some eggs with fresh veggies and maybe follow that up with gluten-free oats and fruit.

Of course the actress does indulge every once in a while:

“80 per cent of the week, you’re really good, and 20 per cent you leave for error and having fun. Lively doesn’t drink, so that’s not really an issue, but she does like pasta and pizza, and she has the ability to make room for that once in a while.”

Don added:

“She can handle a meal here and there during the week if she wanted to dive into something that she enjoys. She can do that and not be all screwed up. She never questions me. She always does what I want her to do.”

Uh, that probably sounds a lot creepier than it actually is.

Anyway, there’s really no doubt in our minds that the 28-year-old will snap back like a brand new rubber band after giving birth to her second child.

She’s young, she’s fit, and she’s a hard worker!

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Jun 28, 2016 11:47am PDT

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