Chris Brown Causes Publicist To Quit After Calling Her A ‘B*tch’ In A Nasty Fight Via Text!

chris brown publicist quit

Chris Brown certainly knows how to make enemies, doesn’t he?

On Tuesday, it was revealed the No Air singer went head to head against his (now former) publicist Nicole Perna when he allegedly called her a b*tch during one of his tirades. Eek.

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According to TMZ, the PR guru reached out to C.Breezy in order to praise him on his clothing line but that seemed to only set the A-lister off. Initially, Miz Perna wrote:

“Loooove all the black pyramid pieces … awesome collection!”

Seems innocent enough, right? Well, Brown wasn’t all too happy with text as he responded:

“I don’t want you texting me compliments with no results.”

Apparently, the controversial celeb went on to bash Nicole for not securing covers like Vogue or GQ and condescendingly told the industry vet to “get in the game.” Oof!

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Obviously, Nicole didn’t appreciate being spoken to that way as she clapped back:

Anna Wintour doesn’t want to f*ck with you. These editors don’t want to f*ck with you…The majority of my time is spent on damage control. I am constantly cleaning sh*t up and having your back.”

We mean, she’s not wrong. Although, this response only fueled Chris’ anger as he added:

“NICOLE, you texting me as if I will give a f*ck if u dont work for me or not … Do whatever makes u feel better. Me personally, I DONT GIVE A F*CK!!!”

Wow. What’s crazy is that these texts have emerged not long after Chris’ former manager Mike G slapped him with a lawsuit for assault and his former tour manager revealed she quit his European tour after he cornered her during a drug fueled rant. Tsk, tsk!

In fact, this show down with Nicole may help Mike G’s case as he was also included in the group message. Chris even texted his manager at the time:

“Mike, this b*tch got all the balls in the world talking to me but can’t talk to the editors or anyone for that matter when they release bullsh*t in the press … Send this b*tch her termination.”

Oh snap! However, Nicole was more than thrilled to be rid of Brown as she concluded:

“Chris, respect. You’re in my prayers x.”

BURNNNNNNNNN! Nonetheless, the Loyal artist had to get in one last shot as he typed:

“B*tch u in my nightmares.”

Smh. We can’t say we’re shocked to learn Nicole has since handed in her resignation letter…

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

Jun 28, 2016 8:26am PDT

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