CafePress Removes T-Shirt Calling Donald Trump A ‘Cheeto-Faced Sh*tgibbon’ — But Not For The Legal Reason You’d Expect…

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This is the best!!

Donald Trump has been having a pretty bad few days in the press, thanks in no small part to his weird trip to Scotland to talk about his new golf course — in the midst of the presidential election in America AND Brexit in the UK.

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Well, all that bad press — and some of Trump’s gaffes — have gotten him the attention of some hilarious Twitter users and, in turn, a REALLY funny t-shirt!

People insulting The Donald on Twitter aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, so when he gets NSFW tweets like these (below), that’s pretty common:


But it’s what happened when one user dropped this tweet (below) on Trump that is so funny and notable today:

LOLz!! A “Cheeto-faced, ferret-wearing sh*tgibbon” is a PHENOMENAL way to describe The Donald!

What if it were on a t-shirt???

Well, that’s exactly what somebody went and tried to do!!

That last tweet went viral SO quickly, that Jay Lender — a writer and director for SpongeBob SquarePants, of all things — created an applicable image overlaid on the style of one of those old Barack Obama “Hope” posters (below):

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And after Jay and the guy who tweeted the original insult got to talking, they decided to put out the insult on t-shirts and sell ’em on CafePress — surely a good ol’ capitalist business venture that The Donald could get behind, right?!

Well… not really.

CafePress sent this email about the whole deal:

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And when Jay pushed back — because he noticed quite a bit of other Cheetos-related merchandise on the website — he got a HIGHlarious suggestion about how to, um, change the t-shirt insult (below):

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Hmm… “Cheese puffs” or “Cheese snack”?? Come on!!!

We LOVE that they pulled the shirt out of respect and fear of Frito-Lay, the brand that makes Cheetos — and not the mocked Presidential candidate! Ha!

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“Cheeto-faced ferret-wearing sh*tgibbon” is absolutely the best Trump insult we’ve heard to date.

Too bad it won’t be on a T-shirt…

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 28, 2016 2:04pm PDT

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