IKEA Recalls Dresser Model That Has Been Killing Children For DECADES!

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This is scary — and it took IKEA nearly 30 years to do the right thing!!

The Swedish furniture company is recalling a whopping 29 MILLION dressers and chests after at least six children have been killed in the last three decades by dressers that fell and crushed them.

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The most recent death, of a 22-month-old child back in February — is the one that finally prompted the movement for recall, and in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, IKEA is now offering a refund for the dresser, or repairs and changes on the affected furniture for those who would like to keep it.

Customers with dressers made between 2002 and 2016 are eligible for a full refund, while those with pieces made before that can get a partial refund.

Furthermore, IKEA will dispatch crews to customers’ homes to help install wall anchors for the dresses for customers who do not want the refund and would prefer to keep their furniture.

IKEA released a statement about it to the media, specifically only mentioning deaths related to their MALM model dresser (below):

“We are announcing this recall today given the recent tragic death of a third child. It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers’ homes, and we believe that taking further action is the right thing to do.”

Furthermore, IKEA released a statement announcing the recall on their website, reiterating what they have told media about the dressers and telling customers what to do with the recall:

“Consumers should immediately stop using any recalled chest and dresser that is not properly anchored to the wall and place it into an area that children cannot access. Contact IKEA for a choice between two options: refund or a free wall-anchoring repair kit.

Consumers are entitled to a full refund for chests and dressers manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016. Consumers with chests and dressers manufactured prior to January 2002 will be eligible for a partial store credit.

Consumers can order a free wall-anchoring repair kit. Consumers can install the kit themselves or IKEA will provide a one-time, free in-home installation service, upon request. Consumers can reorder the kits throughout the life of their chest and dresser.”

The units in total include about 8 million of those MALM chests and dressers, as well as 21 million other adult’s and children’s chests and dressers sold in the United States — plus, another 6.6 million more that were sold in Canada.

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The company tweeted the news on Tuesday, too (below):

Hopefully things get squared away now, though…

Who designs a dresser that tips and doesn’t realize it (or do anything about it) for three decades?!

[Image via IKEA/Twitter.]

Jun 28, 2016 12:50pm PDT

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