Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams Talks About His Inspiring BET Awards Speech & What He Hoped To Achieve!

jesse williams talks bet speech

Jesse Williams isn’t done inspiring folks just yet.

On Monday, the Grey’s Anatomy star opened up about his stirring BET Awards speech where he addressed problems of racism, injustice, and cultural appropriation. Fierce.

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During a conversation with People magazine, the 34-year-old explained:

“Words are only as good as the response to those words. But I’d like to think that I give people a sense that they are not alone.”

And that he did. In fact, Williams went on to add that it was crucial for him to address the flawed education system and how African history is often overlooked. He continued:

“If we keep poisoning our children to believe that we are nothing and that white people are everything, that’s when it finds itself reflected in the way we treat each other. It’s not that complicated. The truth we are teaching is that every contribution in the history of the planet came from blonde people. It’s not true and it’s destructive and people are getting killed longterm as a result. People don’t believe that we deserve it.”

Well said. As an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement, Jesse encouraged others to further their education by accessing the information more readily available these days. The Cabin in the Woods actor relayed:

“We now have access to more information to view as a parent. I grew up in a really horrible school system, but my parents did not let that define how we function. They gave me more work at home from them than I ever got from school. To learn about the history of myself and my people and that armors me.

Whether you are reading about Frederick Douglas or you are reading about all the black inventors in the country that invented so many things that we touch and feel every day, or you can get really heavy with the history of African civilization, there is a lot in between.”

Not to mention, Jesse also revealed he wanted to start a reading list online for others to enjoy. Ummm, YES!

Jesse simply continues to impress us with how woke he actually is — the TV stud certainly deserved the Humanitarian Award at Sunday’s awards show. Bravo, man, bravo!

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Jun 28, 2016 8:51am PDT

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