NBA Star Selling T-Shirts Of His Own Tattooed Torso — And They Are AMAZING!

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Can’t hate on the man for having a good business idea!

J.R. Smith is enjoying life as a member of the NBA‘s Cleveland Cavaliers fresh off winning a championship earlier this month, and now he can enjoy a little more life by being a LOT heavier in the wallet!

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The basketball player infamously paraded around shirtless after the team’s victory — in the club in Vegas, on the plane to Cleveland, even on the parade route the team took through their hometown just days later in front of millions of fans.

Well, now, a company called Fresh Brewed Tees has picked up the slack and gave J.R. his shirt back — kind of!

They have commissioned replicas of Smith’s numerous upper body tattoos, slapped ’em on a t-shirt, and they’re selling the shirts (for $35 per)!

The only problem? Well, they sold out of their first 1,000 shirts almost immediately, according to company spokesman Tony Mandalone, via TMZ.

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The most interesting aspect, if you look really closely at the shirt versus the real thing, is that the company had to remove some of the commercial marks before slapping J.R.’s chest on the tee.

If you see it (above), things like an image based on NBA superstar Michael Jordan‘s “Jumpman” logo, in the center of the shirt, has been altered since it’s trademarked by Nike. The company has also removed Jordan’s name to avoid potential licensing issues.

Regardless, these guys are making money hand over fist, and we’ve gotten be honest.

It’s a great idea!

[Image via J.R. Smith/Instagram.]

Jun 28, 2016 5:40pm PDT

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