Fans In China Are Taking Out ‘Breakup Insurance’ On Hiddleswift — Find Out What This INSANITY Actually Means!

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If you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, it just did in a CRAZY way.

According to the Chinese website called Taobao, fans can now make a profit off of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston‘s new relationship through something called “breakup insurance.” Considering T.S. has been making bank of her romances for YEARS, we guess the site decided the public should get a piece of the pie too!

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For those wondering what “breakup insurance” actually is, it’s just a cutesy way of saying that you can make money if Tay and her Tom decide to part ways. For every bit of cash you invest in the hypothetical breakup, Taobao will double your bet and put the dough directly in your bank account.

The catch is, Hiddleswift must split within the year for the bet to be profitable. Users also have a limit of how much they can invest — the highest someone has put to down to date is 400 Yaun which is equivalent to about $60 dollars. Bidding starts at about $0.15.

One gambler told a Chinese news agency:

“If I bought a million, I would make a lot. These stars break up all the time which gives us the opportunity to earn a lot of money.”

Ha! It’s a pretty fair observation since the singer has been in a TON of roller coaster flings.

On the other hand, Ms. Swift did just meet the actor’s family — that’s a good sign for any relationship! We wonder if those 543 people who put money on the union’s demise are now regretting their bets…

Now all we need is for Calvin Harris to get in on this party. We’d be quite curious to see how much dough he’d drop on this insanity!

P.S. if you can read Chinese, here’s screenshot of the Hiddleswift betting:

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Wow. SO crazy.

So, will you buy some “breakup insurance”?

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Jun 28, 2016 12:27pm PDT

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