Daughter Who Was Shot & Killed By Texas Mom Felt ‘Unsafe’ Around Her Mom’s Mental State With Guns In The House!

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As you may know, last Friday a terrible tragedy occurred when 42-year-old Texas woman Christy Sheats shot and killed her two daughters, Taylor and Madison Sheats, and attempted to kill her husband.

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Well one of Taylor’s childhood friends has come forward and is speaking about his late friend’s fears about her mother and how she didn’t feel safe at home!

Matthew Wiley, who went to high school with Taylor, shared:

“She said, ‘There’s a gun in the house and it makes me feel uneasy.’ She felt so unsafe.”

Wiley went on to say his schoolmate had previously texted him and said she got in an argument about her parents’ relationships — which Matthew says was a bit unstable. Apparently, Taylor was also quite scared about her mother being around guns seeing as how she has a “history of mental illness”.

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Taylor’s friend went on to reveal that he was aware that Christy had “outbursts” and that these affected her oldest daughter as the late 22-year-old always worried about her little sister, saying:

“She always wanted to keep an eye on [Madison] and watch over her because she was scared for her of being in the middle of that situation.”

The childhood friend even recalled the last time he saw Taylor:

“She’d say ‘I don’t know what’s going on with my mom. I feel like I should do something ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ maybe tell her to put the guns in a very safe place where she would forget where [they are]?'”

Sadly Matthew also shared what he told her:

“I was like ‘Your mom wouldn’t do that; you’re fine.’ And then this happened. It makes me lose my breath just talking about it.”

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As for the father, Jason Sheats, he was the only survivor and witnessed his wife shoot and kill their two daughters. Authorities are understandably giving him space after the unimaginable horrors he witnessed as Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said:

“He was obviously in a lot of shock out at the scene. We’re going to continue … helping him work through this the best he can.”

Nehls went on to say:

“We’re giving Mr. Sheats a little bit of time to deal with this. As for what was discussed at the family meeting which led to the shooting, I do not know. Hopefully when we spend more time with Mr. Sheats, we will be able to determine what caused Mrs. Sheats to take such drastic measures against her daughters.”

We can’t even begin to imagine what Mr. Sheats is going through and we wish him all the strength and courage to get through this incredibly trying time.

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Jun 29, 2016 8:44am PDT

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