No Need For A Game Of Thrones Paternity Test — HBO Officially Confirms Who Jon Snow’s Father Is! Plus — Is THIS His Real Name?

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The results are in… Ned Stark, you are NOT the father!

Game Of Thrones fans rejoiced after Sunday’s epic Season 6 finale — which finally revealed the parentage of everyone’s favorite bastard Jon Snow.

A flashback scene at the Tower of Joy confirmed the popular fan theory that the new King of the North’s mother was in fact Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark.

And those familiar with the equation R+L=J didn’t need a paternity test to figure out Jon’s real father is actually Daenerys’ late brother Rhaegar Targaryen — who allegedly abducted Lyanna and hid her in the Tower of Joy where she later gave birth.

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While the series didn’t specifically say who Jon’s daddy was in the finale, HBO went ahead and confirmed Jon’s Targaryen roots as canon!

On Tuesday, the network released an infographic that showed the relationships between the key players in Westeros.

Though the diagram is more convoluted than the show’s storylines itself, the graph clearly reveals that Jon is indeed the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar:

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There you have it!

Of course, “Jon” isn’t a very Targaryen sounding name — others on the show include Aemon, Viserys, and of course Daenerys — so might that be a lie too?

While Lyanna whispered something inaudible to her brother in the Tower of Joy flashback, some sharp-eared fans are convinced she said the baby’s name was “Jaehaerys”.

This would make sense, not only because it’s the name of two previous Targaryen kings, but because “Jon” would also seem like a practical nickname to help keep the secret Targaryen under the radar — also probably homage to Ned’s mentor Jon Arryn.

Regardless of his real name, the King of the North officially has fire in his blood! Watch out, Dany!

[Image via HBO.]

Jun 29, 2016 4:42pm PDT

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