Justin Bieber Is Reportedly On A ‘Month Long Break’ From Drinking — And Even Chooses To Play Jenga In A Bar Instead!

justin bieber sober

No more booze for Justin Bieber?

On Monday, the Sorry singer decided to go out for a bit after wrapping up the Nashville stop of his Purpose World Tour. While it may seem like a classic Bieber move, the 22-year-old reportedly decided to abstain from drinking and play Jenga at a dive bar called Dino’s instead. Hmm, very inneresting.

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According to the East Nashville News, one source wrote on Facebook:

“I just bought a shot for Justin Bieber but he’s apparently taking a month break from alcohol. Anyone got a g?”

Honestly, after Justin’s scary brawl with a fan in Cleveland, we’re happy to hear he’s taking a break from his partying ways. We mean, the Biebs’ behavior has been pretty erratic these days.

Although, this decision to be sober for a bit comes right as news of the A-lister’s ended probation made headlines. Perhaps that has something to do with this well behaved side of Justin?

Nonetheless, it appears JB actually had a good time playing the classic game as several fans took to Instagram to share pics from the evening (below).

The beebs……. Really?! it’s over fam.A photo posted by Levi Benjamin (@rhizomesandchromes) on Jun 27, 2016 at 10:18pm PDT

Awww! Not to mention, the Boyfriend artist even reposted one fan’s pic (above) and wrote:

“Me and the nashvillians!!!”

This is the side of Bieber we love seeing. Keep up the good work buddy!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 29, 2016 9:11am PST

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