Lisa Marie Presley’s Estranged Husband Allegedly Took Financial Advantage Of Her!

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We had a feeling this would be a messy split!

Following the news of Lisa Marie Presley‘s split from her husband Michael Lockwood on June 13, her lawyer took to People Magazine to provide more insight into the marriage’s breakdown. According to the legal rep, Michael took advantage of Presley financially in addition to skipping out on his parental responsibilities.

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Yikes! Talk about drama!

Unfortunately for L.M.P., she trusted Lockwood with her assets without a formal prenup agreement. Now the lawyer is alluding to M.L. draining the beauty’s bank accounts.

The rep explained:

“He apparently was in charge of her assets throughout the marriage and didn’t do what he should have done on a fiduciary basis. He took advantage of her.”

Ugh, we hope this claim isn’t true! Lisa needs all of her money to support her kids now that she’s seeking full custody!

Speaking of the children, the lawyer also went on to commend Presley’s custody decision while also slamming Lockwood in the process:

“There are some problems with him being a good father, in terms of what a father is supposed to do. I absolutely believe that what we’re asking for is necessary.”

Aww. Our hearts break for those little girls!

To make matters even worse, the momma has not been able to reach Michael ever since he moved out of their house a month ago. Apparently the pair have yet to discuss their divorce which is obviously not ideal.

Despite the drama, Presley’s lawyer believes everything will all work out in the end:

“It’s tough on her, but she’s going to get through it. There’s so much stress and nonsense that goes on during divorce. But she’ll be fine ultimately.”

We agree. Lisa is one tough cookie — stay strong, girl!

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Jun 29, 2016 6:40pm PST

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