EXCLUSIVE! Famed Astrologer Terry Nazon Weighs In On Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston’s Whirlwind Romance!

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Yas! We LOVE when Terry Nazon spills the astrological tea on our favorite celeb couples!

In Terry’s latest installment of celebrity love lives and the stars, she EXCLUSIVELY spoke to us about Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift‘s unexpected and lightning rod romance.

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Considering we can’t stop talking about this new pairing (the PDA is INTENSE, y’all!), we had to consult Ms. Nazon to get the lowdown on the pair’s future. We were really curious to find out if these two will stand the test of time or whether this dalliance is just another notch in Swifty’s belt!

According to our fave astrologer, it looks like this relationship this all about exposure and obsessing about past loves:

“Whenever a Sagittarius like Taylor Swift and an Aquarius like Tom Hiddleston get together not only will their relationship be public, for everyone to watch google over and observe, but the entire world needs to know about it. This couple is not as comfortable sitting home sipping wine together a la romantic evening, as they are with PDA, parading their hand holding and hugging for everyone to see.

Both Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have issues with past loves, even obsessions. Aquarius usually has one real love they compare everyone else to their entire lives. I would imagine a good part of the conversation is lamenting the past and their past lovers. In the background B.J. Thomas is singing ‘Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song’ and Taylor is getting ideas for her next song. In short, they need an audience and are always thinking ahead.”

Eek! Does this mean the pair aren’t as invested as they seem? It’s a little confusing since T.S. just met the actor’s momma!

Per T.N.’s expert analysis, she’s convinced this romance is just a stepping stone to something bigger and more important:

“Aquarius men can be very distant, detached, odd, free thinkers, and full of good advice. Ask them to help change a tire, or fix something and they’ll find every excuse in the world not and to exit very quickly. They prefer to tell you how to do it. Sagittarius girls are long legged beauties, independent, free spirits, funny, and always looking ahead. That’s something they have in common, both Sagittarius and Aquarius are looking ahead. In fact, the future is very intriguing to both Sun signs. So perhaps this pairing has more to do with the future and less to do with real romance.”

Well, this view does make a bit of sense when you consider that Hiddleston is vying to play the next James Bond…

Even though we’re disappointed to hear there might be a potential lack of romance here, Terry assures us something good is bound to come out of this union:

“So why then are they together if not for true love? This very well looks like an arranged coupling. No, not between their parents or the Millionaire Matchmaker, but between PR Companies, mutual acquaintances, agents or big money. How long will it last? Until our boy Tom Hiddleston gets his next job offer, oh let’s say in August! When will the public know it’s all over? By years’ end. This could actually be that kind of relationship that each could use to their advantage in the future. They have a good friendship. With the planets having reached their zenith or highest point in Taylor Swifts chart it’s time for a remake, redo and revamping of her image. Over the next two years the planet Saturn and Mars are saying, ‘It’s time to grow up and change with the times.'”

So interesting! At least these two are inspiring each other to expand and grow.

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[Image via WENN/Terry Nazon.]

Jun 29, 2016 3:07pm PDT

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