Donald Trump Allegedly Eavesdropped On Private Phone Calls At His Miami Resort!

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Yuck, what a terrible invasion of privacy if this turns out to be true!

According to Buzzfeed News, Donald Trump reportedly listened in on private phone calls between his staff members and guests at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Miami. The privacy crimes allegedly occurred in the 2000s.

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Per six former members of Trump’s staff, the politician had a telephone console (think of a switchboard) installed in his bedroom which had access to every phone extension in the hotel.

One source commented:

“He could pick up the phone in the bedroom and listen to any conversation that was going on.”

Yikes! The cheeto-colored man listening in on phone calls gives us shivers!

Apparently the workers knew this creepfest was happening because a light on their switchboard would come on each time D.T. picked up the phone. The insider went on to add that the outspoken guy could only eavesdrop when landlines were used.

“It was acknowledged that when he was at the property there was a likelihood of him listening in on your call.”

To make matters even more icky, Donald’s phone network had a “barge-in” capability which means people in positions of power could tap in and covertly listen to any conversation.

On the other side of this scandal, John Velez, the former director of Mar-A-Lago explained:

“He had a switchboard. The switchboard is just for him to dial out. It’s ridiculous… trying to remember extensions to every suite is impossible.”

Hmm… we guess we’ll never know for sure what really happened here! Either way, it’s kind of suspicious!

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Anthony Senecal, the mogul’s former butler, went on to add:

“As far as listening in I can’t believe he would ever do that. I don’t know that he ever did that. I can’t see him doing that.”

So, do YOU think Trump invaded people’s privacy?

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Jun 30, 2016 2:32pm PDT

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