Man Arrested For Decapitating His Girlfriend’s Alleged Rapist While She Watched

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What a sick case of vigilantism!

In your insane crime story of the week, a Minnesota man named Joseph Thoresen has been charged by police for the brutal murder and decapitation of David Haiman over an alleged rape.

Apparently Mr. Thoresen believed that David had sexually assaulted his girlfriend, a claim that has yet to be proven.

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The brutal crime was discovered on June 24 after cops found themselves in a high speed chase with a vehicle in which Thoresen was the passenger. Upon questioning the driver of the car, police found out that Joseph had confessed to a VERY gruesome crime and that the truck in question was actually the victim’s.

Police found Thoresen’s girlfriend, referred to in reports only as K.D.G., a few days later, and she confirmed the driver’s tale.

According to K.D.G., Haiman was about to visit them at their home on June 21 when she told Thoresen about the rape.

Haiman supposedly allowed the couple to tie him up and take turns punching him while Joseph screamed that the victim shouldn’t have raped his “girl”.

Now here’s where the story gets really terrible and bizarre — after untying Haiman so the group could “score some bud”, the three drove to a remote wooded area where they smoked pot and METH with some acquaintances before taking off in Haiman’s truck.

According to the account, David began calling Thoresen’s girlfriend a bunch of names like “slut” and even went as far to declare that she was a “worthless pieces of sh*t”. The name calling led to an argument, after which the trio pulled over due to some car trouble.

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When they stepped out, Thoresen struck Haiman with a baseball bat then stabbed him repeatedly in his lungs.

K.D.G. claims she screamed at him to stop, but Joseph then pulled a larger knife out from Haiman’s belt loop and decapitated him. Mr. Thoresen then disposed of David’s head and torso in the woods, remains which were later recovered by police.

In response to the brutal homicide, Joe’s girlfriend declared:

“That’s not my Joe.”

Ick. Everything about this case is just so sad and disgusting.

If convicted, Thoresen faces up to 40 years in prison. Bail has been set at $2 million without conditions and $1 million with conditions.

[Image via Itasca County Sheriffs Office.]

Jun 30, 2016 12:33pm PDT

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