Man In Critical Condition After Stabbing At The Shallows Screening — Get The Scary Details!

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Talk about scary!

Blake Lively‘s new movie The Shallows is currently in theaters and getting rave reviews, but for one man it was an absolute nightmare experience as he was stabbed several times in the theater!

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On Wednesday afternoon, at the Roxy Theater in Santa Rosa, a 21-year-old man was at the movies catching Lively’s latest flick when an unidentified 23-year-old male came up behind the victim with a knife and started stabbing him!

The attack on the victim is believed to be unprovoked, as the 21-year-old is currently in the hospital in critical condition. Sgt. Josh Ludtke recounted the events saying:

“Out of nowhere, he came up from behind him, he stabbed him in the throat, in the arm, in the lung.”

Police responded to a call about the horrific event around 4 p.m. and identified the assailant and continued to chase after him as he tried to escape toward the Prince Memorial Greenway. Thankfully, authorities were able catch the dangerous man and take him into custody.

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Unfortunately, the police have not been able to identify the stabber, though they did recover the weapon.

Interestingly enough, the attack seems to have parallels to the one in Santa Rosa on Monday that left Cirak Tesfazgi dead after being stabbed 50 times!

Ludtke commented on the similarities saying:

“Based on the randomness of the act, the brutality of the act, certainly he’s a person we’re looking into as a suspect.”

We can’t believe something like this happened, and we hope justice can be found and the victim can pull through! Our hearts are with all those affected by this terrible event.

[Image via Columbia Pictures.]

Jun 30, 2016 3:07pm PST

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