Police Reveal They Have Video Of LGBT YouTube Star Calum McSwiggan Hurting Himself As He Claims Backlash Over Alleged Attack Is Ruining His Reputation!

The drama continues...

Calum McSwiggan is adamant that he’s not faking his alleged attack.

Over the weekend, the YouTuber claims he was jumped by three strangers outside of West Hollywood’s gay club, The Abbey, in an apparent hate crime.

And while police say they didn’t see any injuries or evidence of an assault while responding to his call, the 26-year-old insists the attack actually happened.

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In a newly-released interview with The Advocate, the online personality stressed that the cops should have taken his word for it, saying:

“I think if somebody is a victim of a crime, that person should be given the benefit of the doubt and believed. Just because there are no physical markings on my face other than the broken teeth, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t assaulted, and that is why the police think I wasn’t assaulted.”

The UK native went on to say that the way the cops slapped him with charges for vandalism and filing a false police report isn’t fair, considering he says he’s the victim in this incident:

“I went to the police and now apparently I’m a criminal.”

However, the police have revealed that they have video of the LGBT lifestyle vlogger hurting himself in his holding cell, which is how he got those stitches on his forehead.

The authorities aren’t releasing the footage, though, because it’s evidence in the ongoing investigation.

It’s also important to note that in his initial Instagram post about the alleged assault, Calum listed the stitches with other injuries he sustained that night, leading followers to believe he got them because of the supposed beat-down.

He only clarified that the wound on his forehead was self-inflicted after the cops recalled that the Brit had been hitting himself in the head with a payphone while behind bars.

Between the internet celeb actually harming himself in jail — which he claims is the only way he could get treated at a hospital — and one of the alleged “attackers” sharing an incredibly different version of events from that night, people have become skeptical of Mr. McSwiggan’s story.

Plenty have even decided that he’s fabricating the entire attack.

But the digital star says that’s not true, and his reputation is suffering because of the backlash:

“The response on social media is ruining my reputation. People are saying that I’m making this up, which is just heartbreaking.”

He continued to share his frustration, saying:

“My whole adult life I’ve done everything I can for this community and I’ve always dedicated myself to LGBT+ issues, so now my entire reputation is being discredited because the police simply didn’t believe I did this and I have said that that’s not the police’s fault.”

And while he defended the police’s actions, he also called for a change in the system:

“They were doing their job and I think that the police probably didn’t believe this happened to me, but it did happen to me, and just because they can’t see that, there needs to be something in place to protect people and victims of hate crimes.”

On Wednesday, Calum was charged with filing a false police report, but West Hollywood police revealed on Twitter that he pleaded not guilty to that count, posting:

We find it interesting that the YouTuber is speaking out an awful lot for someone who has been legally advised to keep quiet on the controversial case.

What do U believe, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Calum McSwiggan/Instagram.]

Jun 30, 2016 7:37pm PDT

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