Cinemark Theaters Is Going After The Aurora Shooting Victims For $700,000 — Here’s Why

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You’ve gotta be kidding us.

As we’re sure you know, back in 2012, 24 people lost their lives when James Holmes shot up a theater in Aurora, Colorado during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

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While Holmes’ case has pretty much been wrapped up as he was sentenced to life in prison, attorneys for the theater chain Cinemark, where the tragedy occurred, are now shifting gears and going after the victims who tried to sue the theater — and they want them to pay for the chain’s legal fees!

After the shooting took place, the families of the victims filed a lawsuit against the theater chain, saying they should have done more to prevent the attack from happening. The victims’ friends and relatives ended up suing in state court, claiming that lapses in security allowed the shooting to happen!

The judge ruled in favor of Cinemark after their legal team argued that the company could not have foreseen the attack and nothing could have stopped James as he was so heavily armed. However, lawyers for the plaintiffs have suggested they might appeal the ruling.

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But lawyers aren’t content in protecting Cinemark from paying millions to the grieving families — they’re now demanding they pay the company’s legal fees of around $700,000!

Though a judge didn’t immediately rule on the request, Colorado courts do allow the winning side of a case to try and recover legal fees.

SRSLY, what is WRONG with people?!

Even if the EXTREMELY successful and WEALTHY company was pissed about being sued, $700k seems like such a small amount — especially up against the millions they’ll have to spend to try to fix the PR nightmare of being the company that bullied the bereaved.

Well done Cinemark. If you’re going for 2016’s Greedy, Insensitive Asshat award, we’re pretty sure you’ve got a chance — though you’ve still got a ways to go before you catch Donald Trump! HA!

What do YOU think of the victim’s families paying for the theater’s legal fees!?

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Jul 1, 2016 9:43am PDT

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