Mississippi Judge Shuts Down State’s Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill — Calling It ‘State-Sanctioned Discrimination’! Whoo!

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Swing and a MS, homophobes!

After North Carolina lost hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars thanks to their hateful House Bill 2, it seems as though the other Southern states are doing what they can to be more accepting.

Case in point: a Mississippi judge just blocked an anti-LGBT religious freedom law just hours before it went into effect Friday morning!

Video: Ellen DeGeneres Calls Miss. Law The ‘Definition Of Discrimination’

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck down House Bill 1523 on Thursday night, meaning The Hospitality State will not be able to breed any more bigots like Kim Davis.

Basically, the unconstitutional Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act would have given clerks and businesses the ability to refuse services to queer people due to their own religious beliefs, but Carlton wasn’t about to have his state tarnished by a few prejudiced nut jobs, writing:

“There are almost endless explanations for how HB1523 condones discrimination against the LGBT community, but in its simplest terms it denies LGBT citizens equal protection under the law.”

Why can’t politicians be this smart; His Honor’s actions were only necessary because legislators passed the damn thing in the first place…

Carlton went on to call HB1523 “state-sanctioned discrimination” and we couldn’t be happier to know our LGBT brothers and sisters in Mississippi have such a great leader defending them!

Now if only the rest of the state would just catch on…

[Image via MSSD.]

Jul 1, 2016 1:07pm PDT

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