Woman Who Claimed She Fought Off Attempted Rapists After New York Pride Parade Was LYING! See What The Cops Said!

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This is absolutely DISGUSTING!

Earlier this week it was reported that a 23-year-old woman claimed she fought off three attempted rapists on her way home from the New York City Gay Pride celebrations — and apparently she made it all up!

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The unnamed formerly alleged victim claimed that the incident occurred around 3 a.m. on Monday in East New York when she was passed by three men outside of a house and, all of a sudden, grabbed and put in a headlock.

Apparently the other two men — who she described as black, wearing a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants, and as a 5’5″, hispanic man with a ponytail — tried to take her pants off, while the other began punching her. Somehow, the woman said she fought the men off and they took off running down the street.

While this story originally sounded terrifying, Chief Detective Robert Boyce went through tons of video hoping to find pictures of the men, only to discover NOTHING HAPPENED!

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When watching the tapes, the detective only found footage of the alleged victim exiting the subway and walking down the street where the supposed attack took place. That’s it — no three men, no crime, no NOTHING! Boyce released a statement regarding the case saying:

“We confronted her with our investigation, which is video clips. She recanted her statement.”

The officer also added:

“It did not, in fact, happen.”

UGH. Why would ANYONE make this up?!

This of course comes only days after Calum McSwiggan said he was assaulted outside a gay bar only to have police refute his claims and provide evidence that the YouTube star hurt himself.

We can’t begin to understand why anyone would make something like this up, but we’re just glad the truth is being brought to the surface!

What do you think about all of these terrible made up stories?!

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Jul 1, 2016 8:13am PDT

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