Zendaya Absolutely Destroys A Random Twitter Loser Who Made A Horrific Rape Joke!

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You go, Zendaya!

The star was feelin’ herself today after absolutely demolishing a senseless, mindless Twitter user when he made an awful (and not particularly funny) joke about rape in light of the movie Purge — the fictional flick in which all laws are lifted.

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Here’s the original tweet, in addition to Zendaya’s response (below).

The actress and singer hasn’t deleted her tweets, but of course, the loser deleted his, apparently because he didn’t like the massive response:

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But Zendaya’s not done with this clown (below):


For some ungodly reason, this troll keeps wanting to say dumb stuff, because he’s still going on Twitter (below):

But, of course, he deleted his offending tweet that started the whole thing.

Maybe he’s too much of a baby to take the consequences?

Jul 3, 2016 4:42pm PDT

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