Good News, True Blood Fans: There’s Reportedly A Musical Version In The Works!

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This is gonna be cool!!

HBO vampire drama True Blood, with such a cult following despite its early cancellation recently, is working towards becoming a musical, according to a report in the New York Post!

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The project will have music written by Nathan Barr — the man who composed music for the TV series — as well as lyrics by Elizabeth Scott, the author of Living Dead Girl.

Recently, they went so far as to have a very secret table read with actors, too!!

Details are few and far between, but we know you can expect the musical to be set in that same small Louisiana town as the TV drama, and while the scripts will be edited a LOT from now to performance, the same quirky, unique ‘fun’ aesthetic will be there.

Series creator Alan Ball is reportedly around, too, with some level of involvement on the musical.

Other vampire-themed Broadway shows haven’t done so well in the past (remember Dance of the Vampires, anyone?!), but True Blood does come in with a unique, different following, so perhaps they have an easier road to theater success.

It’ll be a little while before we see this one, but it’s certainly cool to see happening already!!

[Image via HBO.]

Jul 4, 2016 10:29am PST

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