New Video Shows Alton Sterling Was NOT Holding A Gun When Police Shot & Killed Him


***WARNING: Graphic Content Ahead***

This has got to stop.

On Tuesday, Alton Sterling was pinned down, shot, and killed by two officers from the Baton Rouge Police Department, after a 911 caller claimed a man matching Alton’s description was threatening him with a gun while selling CDs.

When officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake arrived on the scene, they tackled him to the ground, which is when one of the cops yelled that the father-of-five had a gun.

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While he was pinned down in the parking lot, Alton was repeatedly shot, and was tragically killed from his injuries.

In a press conference, the BRPD claimed that Mr. Sterling “was armed,” and District Attorney Hillar C. Moore III said:

“The officers feel they were completely justified.”

However, new video obtained by The Daily Beast captures more of the controversial killing, and seems to show that Alton was NOT holding a gun at the time he was gunned down.

The clip is incredibly graphic, but if you would like to watch it you can click here.

The video begins with Alton already pinned down by the officers, who can be heard yelling:

“I swear to God if you f*cking move! He’s got a gun! Gun!”

The camera is turned away as multiple gunshots go off, but turns back to show the victim shot in the chest, bleeding on the ground.

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In the footage, there doesn’t appear to be anything in the 37-year-old’s hands during or after the altercation.

As Alton is laying on the ground, one of the cops reaches in and removes something from his pocket, but police have neither confirmed nor denied whether a weapon was retrieved in the horrific incident.

Abdullah Muflahti, the owner of Triple S Food Mart where the shooting took place, recorded this new video. The convenience store worker insists that no one was being violent before the police arrived, especially not Alton:

“He didn’t even tell me about anything, he usually tells me. He’s not that type of person. It would have been a very big problem to pull his gun out.”

Even if the object officers removed from the late father’s pocket was a gun, it wasn’t in his hand during the scuffle, which means it wasn’t actually an active threat.

According to Abdullah, Alton had been selling CDs in that parking lot for years, and he can’t wrap his head around this terrible tragedy, saying:

“It was a nightmare, it was a nightmare. I kept expecting to wake up.”

Especially in light of this conflicting video, we’re glad the Department of Justice and the FBI are formally investigating the shooting.

Our hearts are with everyone affected by this devastating loss.

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Jul 6, 2016 7:51pm PDT

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