Remember Kentucky Clerk (And Stalwart Bigot) Kim Davis? Looks Like She Broke The Law AGAIN…

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Karma’s a b*tch, b*tch!

Remember how Kim Davis became basically the worst person in America when she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and went to jail for five days for breaking federal law?

Well, it looks like she didn’t really learn her lesson… because the Rowan County clerk broke another law…

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Apparently, the Kentucky Attorney General believes that Kimmy and the equally bigoted Liberty Counsel violated the state’s Open Records Act when denying gay rights in 2015, which means they’re guilty of trying to keep their dirty laundry private when it legally should be public.

According to new reports, a Washington nonprofit called Campaign for Accountability used the Freedom of Information Act to access documents between Kim and the anti-LGBT counsel back in March… only both parties refused to offer up their sides of the correspondence!

Basically, Liberty Counsel tried to employ attorney/client privilege, except AG Andy Beshear‘s office doesn’t believe they have any legal standing to ignore their request, saying:

“An agency cannot benefit from intentionally frustrating the attorney general’s review of an open records request. Such result would subvert the General Assembly’s intent behind providing review by the attorney general.”

You tell ’em, Andy!

Unfortunately, the penalty for violating the Open Records Act is just a $25 per day fine… but that’s still something!

Do U think Kim deserves this much public scrutiny??

[Image via Rowan County Sheriff’s Department/Twitter.]

Jul 6, 2016 4:18pm PST

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