Mischa Barton Accuses Former Momager Of Delaying The Sale Of Their $7 Million Dollar Mansion — Uh Oh!

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Things could be better between Mischa Barton and her estranged mother Nuala.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that The O.C alum is currently facing off against her mother in a legal battle over the sale of the $7 million dollar mansion they co-own in Beverly Hills. Talk about family drama!

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In legal documents obtained by DailyMail, the 30-year-old accuses her former momager of going out of her way to delay the sale of their pad for years. Reportedly, Nuala went as far as changing the locks and denying potential buyers access to the home she shares with her daughter. Yikes!

The blonde beauty also accuses her mother of refusing to work with famed relator Josh Altman and denying offers from eager buyers. However, Miz Barton’s momma has no time for these claims as she’s labeled them as “heinous” and “false”. In fact, Nuala believes these accusations are to blame for the estrangement with Mischa.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the duo have faced off in court as Barton previously sued her mother in 2015 for allegedly stealing from her. At the time, Mischa accused her mother of taking out huge loans against the house and turning the property into her own “personal ATM.” The Dancing With The Stars vet even added that her parents kicked her out of her home and wouldn’t let her back into the property. The case was eventually dismissed in February on the grounds that the mother and daughter would sell the home using Altman as the relator.

We can’t blame Mischa for wanting to sell her property as both she and her mother would be able to settle their debt with the sale of the mansion. In the paperwork filed by Mischa’s camp, the TV starlet hopes to turn the property over to a trustee (and away from her mother’s control) who will be responsible for selling the property ASAP.

Nuala appears to think this is a drastic measure as she states she isn’t refusing to sign off on Altman and Mischa’s potential buyers but rather she found someone on her own who is willing to pay more. Hmmm, beggars can’t be choosers…

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Jul 6, 2016 11:07am PST

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