Ruby Rose Is Absolutely Smitten With Her New Bestie Taylor Swift — Too Bad The Internet Is NOT Having It!

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The internet has spoken, Ruby Rose!
Following Ruby’s attendance at Taylor Swift‘s annual 4th of July party and the TON of bestie photo-ops that followed, fans took to Instagram to express their disgust over the blossoming friendship.

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Not only is Rose’s IG account stacked with Tay pics, but on Wednesday the model added insult to injury when she posted a snippet from her recent Marie Claire interview praising her BFF. Let’s just say fans POPPED OFF after the beauty shared the gushing PSA!

Check out the offending post (below)!

Part of this months @marieclaire speaking the truth @taylorswiftA photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on Jul 6, 2016 at 1:44am PDT

Well, one thing is clear — the actress is ALL about Swifty these days! While it is a bit strange that the 30-year-old is going above and beyond to declare her allegiance to Taylor, fans have taken it to the next level by questioning whether or not Ruby is actually a PAID friend!

  • Take a look at some of the angry comments (below)!

    “Huntingtonchase: In all seriousness- in 5 years from now you won’t even have TS’s (working) number. LIVE IT UP WHILE YOU CAN! #thirstymuch

    Snoopysnarrel: All the Taylor photos and now this post. You need to chill a bit Ruby. You are acting like a Taylor fangirl.

    Caligirlsheena: TS advertisment? Sounds like she’s paying you for nice PR.”

    To be fair, this isn’t the first time the Orange Is the New Black alum publicly supported T.S. — just a few weeks ago she basically defended the musician’s new relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

    Despite the hate, some peeps defended Rose:

    “justsayjeany: Ruby! Keep doing you and be friends with whomever you please. You do not need anyone’s approval.

    Starlightcosmos is a fighter who stands up for her friends and her beliefs. Something tells me she is a great friend, and that is why Taylor included Ruby in her circle of friends.”

    It’s quite interesting to hear both sides of this debate! Considering Swift has collected a ton of best friends over the years (Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Selena Gomez…), we have a feeling this won’t be the last time she’ll be accused of having PR pals!

So, do YOU think this friendship is genuine?

[Image via Instagram.]

Jul 7, 2016 12:49pm PDT

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