Donald Trump Finally Responds To Nationwide Violence With The Most Politic Statement He’s Ever Made…

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Donald Trump isn’t shy about speaking his mind… that is, until an actual tragedy comes up and he has no clue how to respond to real, tangible, significant societal upheaval.

The GOP presidential candidate has not been scared to demonize all kinds of minority groups in his weird path through the presidential primaries over the last year. He’s even taken on national tragedies as a way to talk about his favorite subject — himself — as he finds solace in congratulating himself while the rest of the world grieves.

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But all of a sudden, the presumptive Republican nominee for President has gotten awfully quiet amid scary acts of violence the last several days across the country, culminating in a rash of sniper attacks against police officers in Dallas last night.

This morning, The Donald tweeted maybe the last thing you’d ever expect of him (below):

Wait… what?! Restraint?? From The Donald?!?! Who knew????

That may actually be a good move. Speaking off the cuff about tragedies, the political novice is likely certain to stick his foot in his mouth.

The real estate mogul-turned-politician didn’t just show restraint by not speaking in public though — he also released a surprisingly sensitive statement about the tragedy on his Facebook page.

(Donald Trump? Sensitive? Did we just use those words in the same sentence?!)

Here’s the post (below):

Wow. Just… wow. This is arguably the most measured, politic statement Trump has ever made.

Empathy, compassion, the slightest hint of maturity from The Donald, and it doesn’t overtly offend anyone?! Perhaps somebody got a new PR team around him to keep him in line…

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But seriously, this is probably the best thing he could do in this horrible situation — and/or he honestly has no idea what to do and finally has figured out less is more.

Regardless, Trump is known for bluster and he lives to tell it like it is. We’ll see how long this new leaf (?!) lasts.

But at least today, as we all reel from repeated, senseless tragedies around the country, at least The Donald didn’t make things worse.

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Jul 8, 2016 1:58pm PDT

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