Former Illinois Congressman Deletes Possibly Treasonous Tweet Calling For ‘War’ Against President Obama & ‘Black Lives Matter Punks’

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Just when you thought Mischa Barton‘s reaction to tragedy was the most awful response this week, along comes Joe Walsh.

Walsh, a Tea Party conservative and former Illinois Congressman who now hosts a syndicated talk radio show, tweeted a horrifying — and potentially illegal — message to Barack Obama after last night’s tragic sniper shootings in Dallas.

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As news kept flooding in that more police officers were hit, wounded, or dead throughout the night on Thursday, Walsh took to Twitter and posted an extremely ill-advised message to the President that was very quickly deleted thereafter (below):

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Uh…. WHAT??

Social media users immediately called for the Secret Service to investigate the former Congressman for what could obviously be construed as a very public, specific, and horrifying threat.

In its place, he posted more (albeit slightly less damning) tweets later last night (below):

Still no better in terms of overall content, but at least these don’t, um, directly threaten the President with war.

For his part, Walsh isn’t buying the notion that he did anything wrong, telling the Chicago Tribune on Friday morning (below):

“Of course I didn’t mean ‘let’s go kill Obama and Black Lives Matter’. I was not trying to incite violence against Obama and Black Lives Matter. That’s crazy and stupid and wrong. It would end my career and it’s wrong. I would never say anything as reprehensible as that.”

Only… you did say something as reprehensible as that!! What do you think WAR means??

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Twitter itself took Walsh’s tweet to be that offensive and reprehensible, briefly suspending his account for posting something that could be taken so as to incite violence (his account was fairly quickly restored late last night, though).

Walsh didn’t take too kindly to Twitter dropping the ban hammer on him:

“They said the tweet might look like it might incite violence. Twitter, Facebook ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ they’re all liberal. They’re private companies and they got their standards that I have to follow if I want to be on Twitter. It is what it is.”

Maybe the problem here isn’t that Twitter is overly liberal but that you actually crossed a very serious line??

Just sayin’.

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Walsh continued:

“You know how social media is. I put out some stuff that I believe. And I’ve had people on the left hating on me and threatening to kill me on Twitter and Facebook all night.”

Step one: post a completely, wildly off-base message that is easily taken as a threat.

Step two: blame people for interpreting it wrong.

Step three: make yourself the victim while never owning up to your bullsh*t.

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Thank goodness for John Legend, though, because the singer wasn’t having any of Walsh’s BS (below):


So far, there don’t appear to be any consequences for Walsh from the Secret Service or anyone else in the government, as he explained to the Tribune when he revealed they had not yet contacted him by 9:00 a.m. EST this morning:

“If I did, I would give them the same answer I would give you: I would not encourage any violence against the president of the United States or anybody.”


Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback was equally tight-lipped when pressed about whether an investigation is underway:

“We are not providing any comment on that.”


Walsh is apparently set to broadcast his radio show as normal later this afternoon, and he has continued to tweet up a storm this morning, though nothing quite as controversial as last night.

Should be an interesting day for him…

[Image via The Joe Walsh Show/YouTube.]

Jul 8, 2016 12:45pm PDT

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