Kristen Bell RIPS Donald Trump For Invoking Frozen To Defend His Anti-Semitic Tweet!

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It’s become pretty standard for ridiculous word vomit to spew out of Donald Trump‘s mouth — or at least on Twitter — on a daily basis.

And while we’re sick to death of his awful rhetoric, we never get tired of celebs hitting back!

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Over the weekend, Trump came under a bit of fire — surprise, surprise — when he tweeted out a picture of Hillary Clinton placed on a background of hundred dollar bills with the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” written on a six pointed star. This obviously upset people as the image could very clearly be interpreted as anti-semitic, regardless of intentions.

The former Celebrity Apprentice star did his best to defend himself by tweeting out an image of a Frozen book with a similar shaped star, but Kristen Bell — who voiced Anna in the hit animated flick — wasn’t having any of it as she fired back:

YAAAS! Get him, grrrl!

The blonde beauty continued to tweet the rest of the day about the recent horrific police shootings before ending the day with the most appropriate tweet ever:

Though we’d especially love for Donald to take this advice, we think they’re great words to live by every day for everyone!

[Image via Disney/FayesVision/Dennis Van Tine/WENN.]

Jul 8, 2016 10:29am PDT

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