Mischa Barton Apologizes For Her Tasteless Police Brutality Bikini Post

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This doesn’t make her initial post any better, but at least she owned up to it…

Mischa Barton has been getting the worst kind of attention this week after she posted a tasteless, tacky photo showing her “solidarity” with those killed by police officers in light of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

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Barton, as you remember, posted a message about two black men being gunned down by police officers in suspicious circumstances accompanied by a photo of herself in a bikini while aboard a yacht, pretty much proving her out-of-touch attitude and defining privilege.

Barton immediately deleted that initial post, but the Internet always finds a way to remember — and the wrath of social media came down hard on her almost immediately for her out-of-touch message.

Thankfully, now she’s proving to be receptive and sensitive, publicly apologizing for the post and her actions in regards to the two shootings.

Very early Friday morning, Barton posted a string of messages to her Twitter account (below) about the Sterling and Castile tragedies, as well as her response to criticism:

Barton also posted similar messages using those two photos on her Instagram account — the very social network where she caused all the controversy in the first place.

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She went further, too, acknowledging the horrifying police shootings in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night and sending a chilling and all-too-true reminder about where out society is after so many tragedies this week:

That’s a sad thought for our society, but a far more appropriate response to all of these tragedies by Barton.

Good on her for apologizing — and now, the rest of us would do well to remember the real issues here, and the lives tragically cut short by bullets.

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Jul 8, 2016 11:58am PST

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