Zac Efron Says He Isn’t Good At Dating Because He’s A Nerd Who Loves ‘Comic Books & Video Games’!

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Just when we thought we couldn’t love him more

This year has been JAM PACKED with Zac Efron with movies like Dirty Grandpa, Neighbors 2, and opening today Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates!

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With so much time filming and promoting his flicks, Zac apparently hasn’t much time for romance.

But is it his busy schedule killing his love life? Or what he likes to do in his off-time?? He admitted during an interview with The Fix:

“Honestly, I’m a nerd dude. I don’t know if I’ve really looked for dates.”

The Hollywood hottie’s coster Adam DeVine chimed in to confirm his buddy’s inner nerd saying:

“Zac is undercover a nerdy dude and I love that about him.”

The future Baywatch star added:

“Undercover? I’m pretty honest about it. I’m just straight nerd dude. I love coming books, video games. Yeah, I just love chilling. One thing I’m not great at is dating, like going on dates.”

The 28-year-old tried to explain why he’s bad at dating — don’t worry, he’s just being modest — saying:

“I’ve been on a few, and they’ve all been successful, that’s the problem… I just don’t f*ck them up often.”

Smooth, Zac! LOLz!

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Interviewer Jeremy Helligar then changed the subject to ask the boys what they look for when dating, to which Efron replied:

“I think I would love to just go and just like try something totally different, go in totally blind. Know nothing about the person, like blind dating. Maybe I should do a roundtable of dates.”

So you’re telling us there’s a chance…

Adam then jumped in to point out:

“I bet that would be a nightmare for you… I’ve seen how girls react to you, they’re just a mess.”


At the end of the day, we just have more evidence why Zac is absolute perfection!

Would YOU kick Zac out of bed for reading comic books??

Jul 8, 2016 2:16pm PST

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