So Touching — Drake & Rihanna Mourn The Passing Of A Young Fan

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This is so sad!!

A young girl named Megan Flores died on Saturday after battling an aggressive form of cancer, but it’s the lives she touched — and the celebs she affected along the way — that will keep her memory strong and fresh forever.

Flores was a huge fan of both Drake and Rihanna, and one day back in March, she was able to meet both of the superstars through a special Make-a-Wish event.

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Only, instead of just a simple meeting, Flores came away friends with the pair — a friendship the celebs cherished over the last four months, with Drake even going so far as to dedicate Views to the young girl.

So when Flores died on Saturday, both Drizzy and RiRi were heartbroken, posting memorials to their Instagram pages in Megan’s honor (below):

So sweet, so touching… so emotional!

Good for Drake and RiRi for being so real and accessible to somebody going through such a hard time.

We’re just heartbroken that this story ended the way that it did.

RIP, Megan.

[Image via Judy Eddy/Apega/WENN/Instagram.]

Jul 11, 2016 1:35pm PST

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