Judge Rules Erin Andrews’ Peeping Tom Can’t Use Bankruptcy To Save Him From Paying The Millions He Owes Her!

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Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine!

Erin Andrews is long past her awful ordeal surrounding being the victim of a creepy peeping Tom… but now that Tom, Michael Barrett, is himself trying to move past it, too!

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Back in 2008, Barrett illicitly filmed Andrews in her hotel room without her knowledge, putting together some raunchy tapes that horribly invaded her privacy.

Ensuing lawsuits wound through the courts for years, and if you remember from March, Andrews was awarded a whopping $55 million in a civil suit against Barrett and Marriott Hotels.

The blonde bombshell was ecstatic that justice was done at the time, but very quickly, it appeared that she might never even see a fraction of the money awarded to her in the suit.

Even though she eventually reached a settlement with Marriott for their portion of the total, Barrett seemed a lost cause.

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After all, Barrett himself had filed for bankruptcy back in 2012, wiped out from legal bills and all the courtroom drama (that HE created!!!).

Thankfully, on Monday, a judge in Oregon ruled that Barrett’s bankruptcy shouldn’t wipe out her civil victory against him — which means he’s STILL on the hook for that $28 million!!

That’s big news, and another HUGE victory for Erin in this ongoing saga!

But let’s be real — there’s no way this sleaze ball is ever going to fully re-pay her as the courts have decreed.

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Then again, he’s still being held accountable with this judge’s ruling.

Even though he’ll probably never come close to that $28 million total, at least this pervert will be writing checks to Andrews for the rest of his life!

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Jul 11, 2016 6:04pm PDT

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